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Graphite, Hand-painting, Ink, Inkjet, Marker pen, Natural Pigments, Rubbing


Beeholder Doublehand paper


Coptic, Hand-sewn


Artist Book


10 × 8.5 in




Brooklyn, NY



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University of Minnesota

Artists: ORGANIK: Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber, Christopher Wilde with Laura Smith
Edition: 1
Pages: 28 pages, 8.5 X 10 inches with some variant page sizes
Binding: hand-sewn Coptic binding, pained boards with grass seeds by Kurt Allerslev
Calligraphy and text: Marshall Weber
Faces and rats painted by Laura Smith
Publisher: Organik, Brooklyn, NY
Media: acrylic paint and markers, inkjet printing, Japanese black ink, various other inks, graphite dust painting, turmeric pigment, walnut ink, zylene ink transfer, wax, and graphite rubbing from various implements and the I-Ching wheel from the traditional Chinese Book of Changes, created by artist Chusien Chang, at the Los Angeles: Chinatown Train Station.
Paper: Primarily “Beeholder” paper made of cotton, hemp, and an entire haircut’s worth of Christopher Wilde’s hair, a genetic signature embedded in the pulp. The paper was formed in Stevens Point, WI with Jeff Morin. There are some other papers of various origins as well

Contradiction is concerned with objects of manipulation and the territory between the actual subject and the constructed mythology of that object. Like the stomachs of cows bloated with gas due to their consumption of tons of corn that their digestive systems were not designed to metabolize, Americans are stuffed with propaganda and advertising, hot air that only produces bullshit, gas and global warming.

Nameless assassinated freedom fighters and fashion models peer through the ubiquitous presence of corn and laboratory mice/rats (these are two organisms that are routinely genetically manipulated for research and technology) while Weber’s self-righteous hipster-street-punk about personal celebrity rant flows from page to page. Colliding unpopular and popular culture, Contradiction mixes text and image in an uncomfortable relationship that interrogates celebrity, anonymity while pouring high fructose corn syrup over the whole mess.