Marshall Weber


Marshall Weber




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Ink, Pencil, Rubbing


Kozo Paper


Hand-sewn, Pamphlet


Artist Book


Brooklyn, NY, Tokyo, Japan

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Boston Athenaeum

Using graphite and wax rubbing blocks, Weber composes layered compositions and designs alternative typographic structures from found surfaces throughout the world. From May to December 2008 Weber traveled non-stop across the United States from New York to San Francisco, visiting Korea, France, and Germany, and used the practices of poetry concrete, formed poetry, and found text manipulation to weave the texts of world history together into a monumental narrative of global colonial history. Using both celebratory and critical perspectives Weber connects the dots of geographic memory.

The compositions, created by careful rubbing, deboss the opposite side of the page, taking trace samplings from the point of creation; the book is literally embedded with material samples (dirt, water, metal, organic) gathered from around the world. The covers are thick Nepalese Lokta paper dyed with natural inks like shoen-ink (black), kurumi (walnut – dark brown), and khaki-shibu (made from the Khaki fruit – reddish brown), all papers procured by Veronika Schäpers in Japan.

Graphite and wax rubbings, beet juice, various inks, turmeric, and other media on Kasaban-Kozo paper made in Japan. Hand sewn with white vellum cord in a semi-exposed pamphlet stitch, designed and bound by Veronika Schäpers in Tokyo, Japan. 14″ x 20.” 36 pages. Unique. 2008.