Cinders Gallery Big Box Set #2

Cinders Gallery Big Box Set #2




Facsimile, Hand-painting, Silkscreen


Box set


Box Set


Brooklyn, NY


Cinders Gallery

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Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)

Selected and compiled by Cinders Gallery, the Cinders Gallery Big Box Set #2 contains 18 individual zines and books by various artists, including: Le Dernier Cri, Alex Decarli, Dunja Jancovic, Matt Lock, Edie Fake, Tetsunori Tawarayo & Hendrik Hegray & Dennis Tyfus, Travis Millard, J. Weber, Adam Zeek & Evan Meister, Valerie Phillips, Julia Garder, Jason Hsu & A.J. Purdy, John Malta, K8 Hardy, and Gary Kachadourian.

Cinders began as an artist-run gallery on Havemeyer St. in Brooklyn, NY.  For more than six years, we held monthly exhibitions showing hundreds of artists from all over the world – New York, Providence, Philadelphia, Berlin, France, Chile, Japan, Oakland, Toronto, Gainesville, Montreal, North Carolina, San Francisco, LA… There was always a constant curated selection of artist-made books, prints, records, and odd objects in the back — stuff we loved. It was a long series of seemingly endless amounts of amazing people doing amazing things. Then suddenly in 2011, the rent nearly doubled after our lease was up. Our neighborhood had been rezoned for developers to build luxury condos which helped raise the rents and pushed alot of our friends out. With no real leg to stand on, we left the space and, discouraged by rent prices in NY, went mobile.

We thought about what our own model for an art gallery would be like? Replacing the coldness with warmth, everyone would be invited to sit around the fire and partake. We decided to make our own perfect space with murals and weird hours and wearable sculptures. It was apparent that there was quite a significant community out there who felt the same way and so we were inspired to start bringing these like-minded people together under one roof. As we searched for the right location, our house literally burned down in front of us, leaving us tragically homeless but also putting the requisite “fire” under our asses to quickly make it a reality. Thus “Cinders” was born; born out of a tragedy, the urgency of life, and a basic DIY tenet: If you are unhappy with the way others are doing it, you just have to do it yourself.

We opened up the doors in the summer of 2004 and have been running with it ever since, always evolving and challenging ourselves and all the ways art can be shown. We are not in one location, but use other spaces and places to do what we do.

Box Set Contents:

1.     Untitled, Le Dernier Cri, 2008, ed. of 200, silkscreen book.
2.     Future Histories, Alex Decarli, 2009, 27/125, book.
3.     Circle Circuits Cycles, Dunja Jancovic, book.
4.     Untitled, Matt Lock, 2007, 45/50, silkscreen zine.
5.     Rico Mi Taco, Edie Fake, 2006, zine.
6.     Untitled, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Hendrik Hegray, Dennis Tyfus, 2010, zine.
7.     Creek Talk, Travi Millard, 2012, 209/350, silkscreen cover, zine.
8.     Elk #19, J. Weber, 2009, no. 98, zine.
9.     Japanther zine.
10.  Sketchbook 2008, Adam Zeek and Evan Meister, silkscreen book.
11.  Gator Motel, Valerie Philips, zine.
12.  Birdsong #15, Birdsong, 2011, silkscreen cover, zine.
13.  Fantastic Kitten, Valerie Philips, 2012, signed, zine.
14.  Holy Ghostess, Julia Garder, 12/50, signed and numbered, handdrawn.
15.  Violence Against Children, Jason Hsu and A.J. Purdy, 2006, 75/100, silkscreen.
16.  Coney Island Boys, John Malta, 2010, zine.
17.  Fashion Fashion Bashin’, K8 Hardy, zine.
18.  Some Slot Cars That Were Owned, Gary Kachadourian, zine.