Brian D. Tripp

Center of the World Person

Brian D. Tripp

Center of the World Person



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Marker pen


Artist Book


9.75 × 7.75 in



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Emory University

Circa 2009 through 2011, unique, 100 pages, 9.75 inches by 7.75 inches, composition book with marker and pen.

This is an illustrated story song/poem about Brian and his family’s origin and his spiritual practice as a Karuk Nation member, a Center of the World person. As usual, the stark direct approach of Brian’s verse and imagery contains myriad associations and metaphors. The songs cycle through the book which is created over a period of years as part of a meditation/prayer practice. Brian will often incorporate these song cycle books into his traditional storytelling and singing rituals.

“Up there [on the Siskiyou County line where the Salmon River runs to the Klamath…this area is what we call the Center of the World. That’s where I’m from. A-u-ich, is the big mountain that looks like a big pyramid, right in the Center of the World. I call it an anchor that holds everything down. The River is blue and it runs past the mountain. On the other side of the river [bottom right of the artwork] is Kat-a-meen, which is like the capital, in the Karuk Center of the World.” –BDT (Note that BDT does not date his artwork.)