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Celebrate People’s History Box Set

Josh MacPhee

Celebrate People’s History Box Set



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Letterpress, Offset print


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17.5 × 11.5 × 1 in

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‘The Celebrate People’s History posters are rooted in this do-it-yourself tradition of mass-produced and distributed political propaganda but detoured to embody principles of democracy, inclusion, and group participation in the writing and interpretation of history. It’s rare today that a political poster is celebratory, and when it is, it almost always focuses on a small canon of male individuals: MLK, Gandhi, Che, or Mandela. Rather than create another exclusive set of heroes, I’ve generated a diverse set of posters that bring to life successful moments in the history of social justice struggles. To that end, I’ve asked artists and designers to find events, groups, and people who have moved forward the collective struggle of humanity to create a more equitable and just world. The posters tell stories from the subjective position of the artists and are often the stories of underdogs, those written out of history. The goal of this project is not to tell a definitive history, but to suggest a new relationship to the past.’ — Josh MacPhee

Artists: Alec Dunn, Bec Young, Chris Stain, Colin Matthes, Dylan Miner, Erik Ruin, Fernando Martí, Friends of Justseeds, Jesus Barraza, Josh MacPhee, Justseeds Collaboration, Mazatl, Melanie Cervantes, Meredith Stern, Molly Fair, Nicolas Lampert, Pete Railand, Roger Peet, Sanya Hyland, & Shaun Slifer, Erok A., Aprille, Brandon Bauer, Dan Berger, Blanco, Tom Civil, Peter Cole, Bobby Cortez, Eain Dhruva, Lindsay Draws, Erik Drooker, Alexander Dwinell, Adam Fanucci, Darrell Gane-McCalla, Ganzeer, Garage Collective, John Gerkin, Robin Hewlett, Rachael House, Sabrina Jones, Keinom, David Lester, Kate Luscher, Sara Beth Meister, Claude Moller, James David Morgan, Un Mundo Feliz, Marc Nelson, Beth Pulcinella, Ally Reeves, B. Riley, Cristy Road, Ben Rubin, Joshua Kahn Russell, Nicole Schulman, Tim Simons, SpeakEasy Press, Miriam Klein Stahl, Swoon, Boff Whalley

The Celebrate People’s History Poster Series has been organized and curated by Josh MacPhee since 1998.

Each box set includes all 100 offset posters and a signed and numbered letterpress colophon sheet, presented in a custom stamped cloth box.

‘CPH posters have been pasted up in the streets of over a dozen cities. Each time I receive emails from people wanting to know more. Our streets can be a venue for asking these questions, and the CPH posters can play a role in answering them. Soon after the first poster was printed, educators began asking for posters for their classrooms. It’s been great to see the posters become part of curriculum and to see lessons built around them. Once when giving a talk about CPH, I was approached by a student in training to become a teacher. She was first introduced to the posters when they hung in one of her grade school classrooms, almost a decade earlier. Now she intends to use them in her future classes. I hope that these posters can continue to act as some small corrective to the dominant narratives told in schools and that more teachers engage students in alternative ways of understanding the past.

Today CPH posters grace the walls of dorm rooms, apartments, community centers, classrooms, and city streets. Over 100 different designs have been printed in the past 18 years, adding up to over 300,000 total posters. Although I’ve organized and funded these posters myself, they have always been a collective project. 80 artists have designed posters, multiple shops have done the printing, dozens have run around at night pasting them on the street, and 1000s have helped distribute them around the world.’

Full print list:

1. Malcom X, Josh MacPhee, May 1998

2. May Day, Eric Drooker, April 1999

3. John Brown, Josh MacPhee, May 1999

4. Dr. Marie Equi, Alec “Icky” Dunn, July 2000

5. Little Binghorn, Roger Peet, July 2000

6. Harriet Tubman and the Combahee River Action, Darrell Gane-McCalla, March 2001

7. Sylvia Ray Rivera and Stonewall, John Gerkin, June 2001

8. Jane-Underground Abortion Service, Meredith Stern, November 2001

9. Paul Robeson, David Lester, November 2001

10. Emma Goldman, Ben Rubin, February 2002

11. Augusto César Sandino, Erik Ruin, February 2002

12. Battle of Homestead, Erok Boerer, November 2002

13. Fred Hampton, Claude Moller, February 2003

14. Wangari Maathai, Ally Reeves, June 2003

15. Elisée Reclus, Shaun Slifer, June 2003

16. Phoolan Devi, Miriam Klein Stahl and Boff Whalley, July 2003

17. Gabriel Dumont and the Métis Resistance, Dylan A.T. Miner, January 2004

18. Haymarket, Adam Fanucci, February 2004

19. Judi Bari, Nicolas Lampert, March 2004

20. Las Mujeres Libres, Cristy C. Road, June 2004

21. Mothers of East Los Angeles, Jen Cartwright, July 2004

22. Suicide Club, Jeff Stark, November 2004

23. The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters (and Maids), Meredith Stern, December 2004

24. Muhammad Ali Refuses to Fight, Colin Matthes, December 2004

25. Milwaukee 14, Brandon Bauer, March 2005

26. The Great Arizona Mine Strike, Beth Pulcinella, April 2005

27. Cochamba Water Struggle, Swoon, April 2005

28. Louise Olivereau, Aprille Thurheimer, April 2005

29. Highlander Folk School, Lindsay Starbuck, October 2005

30. The Silent Majority, Roger Peet, November 2005

31. Nueva Canción, Iain Dhruva, November 2005

32. Las Gorras Blancas, Pete Railand, November 2005

33. The White Rose, Keinom, February 2006

34. The Occupation of Alcatraz, Josh MacPhee, February 2006

35. ADAPT, Jen Cartwright, September 2006

36. The Occupation of Ford Hall, Joshua Kahn Russell, September 2006

37. Korean Peasant’s League, Nicole Schulman, November 2006

38. Dolores Huerta, Bobby Cortez and Blake Riley, December 2006

39. Miss Molly Jackson, Pete Railand, February 2007

40. Battle of Blair Mountain, Chris Stain, March 2007

41. Secession of the Plebs, Art Hazelwood, March 2007

42. IWW Local 8, Peter Cole (text) and Marc Nelson (art), May 2007

43. 8.8.88, Keinom, May 2007

44. Act Up Philadelphia, Courtney Dailey (art) and Act Up Philadelphia (text), July 2007

45. Buga-Up, Tom Civil (design) and Iain McIntyre (text/concept), August 2007

46. Durruti Column, Josh MacPhee, September 2007

47. EZLN, Kate Luscher, July 2008

48. Kalamazoo Corset Strike, Shaun Slifer and Sara Meister, August 2008

49. Grace and Jimmy Boggs, Bec Young, August 2008

50. Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker, James David Morgan, September, 2008

51. Sequoyah and the Cherokee Writing System, SpeakEasy Press, December 2008

52. Red Feds, Garage Collective, January 2009

53. Narmada Bachao Andolan, Robin Hewlett, February 2009

54. Oaxaca Woman’s Resistance, Tim Simons and Barucha Calamity Peller, March 2009

55. Youth-Led Resistance to Immigration Raids and Deportations, Jesus Barraza, March 2009

56. Matzpen, Joshua Kahn Russell and Dan Berger, August 2009

57. Atenco Aguanta, Melanie Cervantes, September 2009

58. Dil Pickle Club, Marc Moscato, Fred Sasaki, and Dean Rank, September 2009

59. Madres de Plaza de Mayo, John Isaacson, September 2009

60. Flint Sit-Down Strike, Dylan A.T. Miner, December 2009

61. The Haitian Revolution, Aaron Renier, May 2010

62. Assata Shakur is Free, Molly Fair and Laura Whitehorn, May 2010

63. DRUM, Bec Young, June 2010

64. Los Siete de la Raza, Fernando Martí, October 2010

65. Sacco and Vanzetti, Josh MacPhee, October 2010

66. El Hijo del Auizote, Santiago Armengod, October 2010

67. Co-Madres, Nicole Schulman (art) and Mara Komoska (text), October 2010

68. National Prisoners Reform Association, Alexander Dwinell and Sanya Hyland, October 2010

69. Crass, Brandon Bauer, December 2010

70. The Diggers, Erik Ruin, December 2010

71. Jana Sanskriti, Morgan F.P. Andrews, January 2011

72. Sacred Ground, Aaron Samsel (art) and Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality (text), May 2011

73. Jamaican Maroons Fend Off the British, Damon Locks, January 2012

74. Jane Jacobs, Sabrina Jones, January 2012

75. Vieques Libre, Dave Buchen, January 2012

76. Wisconsin Workers’ Uprising 2011, Sue Simensky Bietila, February 2012

77. Major Taylor, Janet Attard, February 2012

78. Prison Justice Day, Rocky Tobey, March 2012

79. Seki Ran Kai, Redeye (illustration) and Keisuke Narita (design), April 2012

80. The International Hotel, Claude Moller (design), Jerry Jew and Chris Fujimoto (photographs), April 2012

81. Animal Liberation Front, Karen Fiorito, April 2012

82. New Jewish Agenda, Abigail Miller (text) and Ezra Nepon (art), May 2012

83. Walter Rodney, Josh MacPhee, July 2012

84. The Underground Railroad, Sam Kerson, July 2012

85. For a Society Without Prisons, Josh MacPhee, July 2012

86. Audre Lorde, Katrina Silander Clark, May 2013

87. Grace Paley, Meredith Stern, May 2013

88. Squamish 5, Matt Gauck, June 2013

89. Luddites, Shaun Slifer, June 2014

90. Grandmothers of Austin, The Stockyard Institute, June 2014

91. Matilde Landa, Un Mundo Feliz, July 2014

92. El Maquis, Un Mundo Feliz, July 2014

93. ILWU and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle, Blanco (art) and Peter Cole (text), November 2014

94. The Lesbian Herstory Archives, Carrie Moyer (design) and Morgan    Gwenwald (photograph), November 2014

95. Amazon Army, Dave Loewenstein, November 2014

96. The Pueblo Revolt, Dylan A.T. Miner, March 2015

97. Primo Tapia de la Cruz, Christopher Cardinale, March 2015

98. Seattle: Direct Action Shuts Down the WTO, Nicolas Lampert, April 2015

99. Chico Mendes, Colin Matthes, April 2015

100. The People of Egypt: We’re Still Here, Ganzeer, June 2015