Candace Hicks: Coincidence

Candace Hicks: Coincidence



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10 × 12 × 2 in


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Candace Hicks: Coincidence, 2014, Cloth Case, Hardcover, hand-sewn. Silkscreen, edition of 50. 8 x 9.75 x .75 inches.
Pages with hidden messages are revealed with pair of red lensed glasses.
In Coincidence artist Candace Hicks continues her exploration of the phenomena of reoccurring events. Hicks begins her story by trying to understand what coincidence means by definition and how this idea can be challenged. This simple question carries her through many subjects, revisiting her interest in Napoleon and finding new points of interest in her child’s singing, movies, her friend’s experiences and so on. Similar to her continuous stream of thought, imagery of marching ants acts as lines on a page throughout the entirety of the book. Ants are the only instance of coincidence on which Hicks focuses within this edition, sections of text being completely blocked by a swarm of ants, the writing only to be revealed with a pair of red lensed glasses the artist provides.