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Crayon, Hand-painting, Ink, Monoprint, Pencil, Rubbing




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14.25 × 14 × 0.75 in




Brooklyn, NY



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University of Central Florida (UCF)

Calling Farmers to Action by Organik contains various rubbings taken from war, pop culture, and historical memorials from all over the world. Put together in a book, they create a fragmented narrative of colonial American history.

Media: acrylic paint, aspirations, body mono-prints with turmeric in a PVA and water suspension, brown walnut ink, brush, ink, pencil, wax crayon rubbings, and other natural dyes and pigments
Paper: Various archival cotton rag papers of varying sizes, plastic vellum sheet on inside back cover, front and back covers are paper on board
Binding: Kurt Allerslev, Brooklyn, NY
Covers: Front inside cover has bronze wax crayon rubbing on paper by Kurt Allerslev with painting by Laura Smith and front outside has rubbings and paintings by Marshall Weber, back inside and outside covers have rubbings and paintings by Marshall Weber
Turmeric and water suspension body mono-printing: Kurt Allerslev, Laura Smith, Brooklyn, NY and Marshall Weber, Brooklyn, NY
Rubbing: Organik: Kurt Allerslev, Marshall Weber and Christopher Wilde
Painting: acrylic, ink by Laura Smith, Marshall Weber

Locations of outdoor matrix sources for wax rubbings in order of page/spread appearance:
Covers: Australian War Memorial for soldiers of Gallipoli, Australia; Columbus, Missouri Colonial Cemetery
1st page: Various, New York state plaques
1st spread: Various, Colorado
2nd spread: Various, Telluride Mountain, Colorado
3rd spread: Sojourner Truth Memorial plaque, Florence, Massachusetts
4th spread: Various, Colorado
5th spread: Various, Colorado
6th spread: Various U.S.
7th spread: New York state
8th spread: Halcott Cemetery, New York
9th spread: New York state, Catskills
10th spread: Halcott Cemetery, New York (left); Seminole County, Florida (right)
11th spread: Various, Colorado
12th spread: Telluride Mountain, Colorado
13th spread: Various, Colorado
14th spread: Seminole County, Florida (left); New York state (right)
15th spread: James Dean Memorial, Cholame, California
16th spread: New York state
Variant pages: James Dean Memorial, Cholame, California; ee cummings gravestone; New York state; ee cummings; James Dean Memorial, Cholame, California; New York state