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Crayon, Graphite, Hand-painting, Handmade paper, Ink, Monoprint


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Brooklyn, NY



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Herzog August Bibiothek

Media: aspiration, drawing, mono-printing, painting, and rubbings, cayenne, curry powder, graphite, ink, tumeric, wax crayon, and other media, various handmade papers.

Binding by Christopher Wilde, with faux Mother of Pearl plastic, copper and aluminum inlays, with cover stove branding by Kurt Allerslev and Marshall Weber

A global compendium of text, image and material (dirt, water, metal, organic) samples gathered throughout the world over two years. Buy Land or Buy Sea effectively illuminates a monumental narrative of colonial history both libratory and oppressive while also constructing an oblique incantation of resistance activated with the reading of the book.

The Library Way Title Plaque, at 41st and Fifth Ave., New York City provided the ubiquitous open book template.
Locations of material and matrix samplings:

Berlin, Germany
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Memorial, Kirche Platz
Various public works
Dresden, Germany,
Various memorials
Liepzig, Germany,
Various memorials
London, England
Chelsea Arts Club
East London Station
Flor Kent’s “Fur Das Kind” sculpture located outside Liverpool Station
Various surfaces, Liverpool Station
Parliament Memorial, Westminster
Piccadilly Circle
plaque from a bridge over the Thames
Royal Air Force Memorial on The Strand
various edifices on The Strand
various War Memorials
Various public works
Mokelumne Hill, California
49’ers plaque, Jewish Cemetery
Mokelumne Hill Cemetery
various historical plaques
Montauk, New York
Percy Heath Memorial,
rock wall plaque Montauk Point Park
New York, New York
architectural plaques, Park Avenue, 42nd Street
Confucious Plaza Memorial
Library Way, 41st, Fifth Avenue
9/11 Fireperson’s ‘343’ Ghost Brigade, Memorial Wall, Downtown
Various public works
Paris, France
Modigliani’s Grave Stone, Père-Lachaise cemetery
Orange, California
Various plaques, Chapman College
San Fransisco, CA
Rammaytush Tribe Memorial, Mission District
Washington, D.C.
Einstein Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial