CUBA, Marshall Weber

Buddy’s Story

CUBA, Marshall Weber

Buddy’s Story



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Accordion, Cloth case


14.25 × 25.25 in


San Francisco, CA

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Cornell University

Acrylic paint marker on paper. Large scale accordion, 14.25 x 25.25, bound in cloth case. 

Cuba’s enigmatic combination of an idealized ticky-tacky San Francisco infused with urban (and specifically Black) paranoia. Drones, flying saucers, stealth jets all prophetically inform us of the future militarization of urban areas during the final stages of gentrification. Cuba’s re-conceptualization of Weber’s poetic narrative ramblings of a homeless ex-convict forms a cityscape that is both lushly colored and extremely dark. Individual violence resonates with state violence, a resonant example of what Angela Davis describes as “…the State thinks through us…”

Cuba’s wildstyle graffiti lettering is one of the only occasions of a book using street typography to illustrate an entire text. The type carries the text with enormous velocity.

Text by Marshall Weber – extracted from an interview with a homeless man on the streets of San Francisco during Weber’s Poetry Wagon performance during the 2012 Streetopia festival.