Aaron Noble

Black Power

Aaron Noble

Black Power



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24.75 × 17.5 in

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Grinnell College

Black Power is a collage composition derived from vintage comic books which are not exhibited.

“After about thirty years of experimentation in various media, I found my practice painting walls with designs derived from collaged comic book fragments. I think of the process as alchemical. The rendering of the base printed matter is fairly tedious, a matter of cutting away dull narrative and figurative bric-a-brac. The eyes tire, the blade grows dull, but the pile of interesting, possibly useful fragments is replenished. The reconfiguration that follows is unpredictable and mysterious. Shuffle, scan, rotate, adjust—over and over, searching for hints of the new form. Faculties of taste, faith, daring, and persistence are called upon. Usually, it takes three days. The final transmutation is physically demanding: the fragile paper plan raised to architectural scale; the sordid action figures remixed as weightless metallic abstraction, the dark energies of adolescence purified and fulfilled in serene post-human ecstasy.”
— Aaron Noble

Inspired by comic book imagery, Noble’s wall paintings incorporate superhero body parts morphed, stretched, and free-floating in a ‘negative space’ landscape. He is well known in San Francisco for his earlier WPA-styled outdoor murals depicting the city’s labor history. Now his interests involve contemporary popular street culture, Western comic art, Japanese anime and manga, video games, and technology.

Aaron Noble has exhibited in the Project Program of the Hammer Museum, The Frieze Festival, the Whitney Atria, White Columns, and numerous other venues. He is represented by Pavel Zoubok Gallery in NYC and Booklyn.

Lithography. 24.75 X17.5.” Edition of 20. 2011.