Berns Rothchild, Chris Smith

Animals We Eat

Berns Rothchild, Chris Smith

Animals We Eat



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Children are curious about everything, but do they know where their hamburgers, drumsticks, and bacon come from? This book was created by a vegetarian, Berns Rothchild, and a carnivore, Chris Smith. Though their diets are different, they agree that there’s a disconnect between the farm and the table. Animals We Eat reminds both children and adults where their food comes from. Animals We Eat is a straightforward picture book, with no text, which will help kids realize that food doesn’t just come from the supermarket or the fast-food restaurant. This book is for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. It is for both children and adults. The illustrations are fun, bright, engaging, and modern. Animals We Eat educates children, entertains adults, and encourages environmental consciousness for all.