Beldan Sezen

War is a Four-letter Word

Beldan Sezen

War is a Four-letter Word



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Hand-painting, Ink, Marker pen, Photography


Artist Book


7 × 12 × 0.5 in


Brooklyn, NY


hand- sewn

$ 4,400.00


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Oil and water don’t mix. Yet when forced, a new surface appears creating unique structures and dependencies with different behaviors and haptic experiences. Drawing with ink on this new surface resembles for me the current state we live in. Known, daily tools enter an unknown with unforeseen outcomes. What I took for granted no longer exists. A new world shows up.

Two texts are included in the first book. Both were written during the lockdown month here in NY. The poem emerged at a point when night after night the sirens of ambulances never stopped. The second text is a conversation with the virus.

The second book is a picture book of polaroids. I took pictures while confined to my quarters, while taking careful, often reluctant walks through my neighborhood, while running necessary errands on my bike. Documented by thoughts and emotional states I found myself in during the Spring of 2020.

War is a four-letter word because it’s never just one.

War is a four letter word
Medium: oil and acryl paint, acryl marker, ink, typewriter and drawing on cardboard, miso paper and recycled newsprint
Dimensions: W 7 x H 12 x D 1 inches (W17.5 cm x H 30.5 cm x D 2.54 cm)
Pages: 68, kettle stich binding

War is a four letter word – picture book
Medium: oil and acryl paint, acryl marker, ink, photo and handwritten text on cardboard and miso paper
Dimensions: W 2.25 x H 3.5 x D 1.5 inches (W 5.7 cm x H 8.9 cm x D 3.8 cm)
Pages: 27 polaroids, accordion binding