Heiko Michael HartmannVeronika Schäpers

Bamberg. Vom Ende der Zeit

Heiko Michael Hartmann, Veronika Schäpers

Bamberg. Vom Ende der Zeit



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Loose pages


Artist Book


13 × 4.25 × 0.25 in


Bamberg, Germany

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Bibliothek der Freie Universitat Berlin

Carleton College

Deutsche Nationalbibliothek

Stanford University

The University of the Witwatersrand, Wits Art Museum (WAM), Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts

University of California, Berkeley (UCB), The Bancroft Library

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), William Andrews Clark Library

The text was written by H.M. Hartmann during his scholarship/artist in residency at the Villa Concordia in Bamberg. Bamberg is an idyllic and beautiful baroque city; the perfection and utter sweetness of this surrounding, however, is too much for the story’s protagonist, also an artist. He is ultimately driven mad and, in what is either an accident or suicide, dies. Although purely fictional, the text is very much related to the city and contains many “real” places and events.

“These tiny nice houses in the city surrounded by all those churches gave me the idea to work with the house shape, it is cute if it is folded but if you open it, it breaks and looks somehow aggressive. (Maybe too much interpretation…). By making this book I kept in mind to make a simple plain form, reminding you of a file or dossier, because this crazy artist isn’t of any interest for anyone, just another record, added to the files.” — Veronika Schäpers

Offset-print on different colored first-vintage-paper, 7 scored and perforated spreads, which can be fold into house-shaped-objects. Hold together by a treasury tag. Scored and punched first-vintage-cardboard case, printed with letterpress and closed by punched Postcards with motives from Bamberg.

14 pages. 10,5 x 32,5 cm.
Text: H.M. Hartmann
Edition of 100 arabic numbered copies, signed by the author and artist. 2012.