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Collage, Hand-painting, Inkjet, Pencil, Silkscreen, Watercolor, Xerox




7 × 7 in


Brooklyn, NY


Booklyn, Inc.

$ 20.00


Awkhold is a portfolio of unbound contributions by 12 artists, produced in an edition of 150, on the condition that each artist is responsible for reproducing his or her own work.

The artists are not given any conceptual or stylistic theme. Instead, the work is united in its expression of each artist’s process when confronted with the challenge of producing multiples. Alike in their willingness to participate, the artists nonetheless work in varied styles and media; their submissions range from 150 photocopied prints to series of 150 unique drawings.

Each portfolio includes: 
1 original print by Sam Kalda 
1 original painting by Annemieke Beemster Leverenz 
1 copy of an original drawing by Andrew Liang 
1 Xerox minizine by Aimee Lusty 
1 Xerox print by Becca McCharen 
1 original drawing by Asa Osborne 
1 original watercolor by Jan Razauskas 
1 Xerox print by Jason Roy 
1 original work by Ryan Jacob Smith 
1 original work by Crystal Stokowski 
1 folding print by Christine Buckton Tillman 
1 silkscreen print by Erin Womack
Sizes vary, all housed within sealed 7 x 7-inch clear plastic record sleeve. Edition of 150. Shipped flat.