Jacob KlippensteinJayne HilemanRozalinda Borcilă

Area Chicago #15: Healing & Repair

Jacob Klippenstein, Jayne Hileman, Rozalinda Borcilă

Area Chicago #15: Healing & Repair




Offset print




17 × 11.5 in




Chicago, IL


AREA Chicago continues to be a great and trusted resource for the merging of art, research, education, and activism happening in Chicago.

Topics for AREA #15: Healing and Repair:
Resistance and Survival: Black Communities, food sovereignty & climate change; Mother’s struggles against the CPD murder of Black youth; trauma & art practice, resistance to systemic violence in the “War on Drugs”

Reparations: Reparations from slavery, The John Burge Reparations Ordinance, Torture Justice Memorials

Within and Against the Law: Healthcare institutions and capitalist restructuring; healthcare & systemic barriers to trans youth; Mental Health Movement; healthcare promotion & immigrant youth; food & power at Cook County Jail; prison health care Injustice; the Chicago Community Bond Fund

Coming Together in Struggle: Disability Rights perspective on Black Lives Matter; the Healing Justice Teaching Circle; First Responders and disabled communities; Trauma Center Struggles; Internalized Oppression; Healing through art and community-building

With contributions by: Chi-Nations Youth Council; members of We Charge Genocide: Page May, Hana Worku, Breanna Champion, Monica Trinidad, Ethan Viets-Van Lear, Kush Thompson; Semillas Autónomas; Eric Kofi Malone, Diallo Kenyatta, Theodore Richards, Safia Rashid, Gregory Bratton, Kenya Vera Sample, Julian Sample, Michael Tekhen; Panzy Edwards, Daphne Jackson; Brian Sykes; Kamm Howard and Larry Redmond; BYP100; Anthony Holmes, Dorothy Burge, Darrell Cannon; The Chicago Torture Justice Memorials; Chicago Community Bond Fund; Mary Bowman; Cassie Warren; N’Dana Carter; Maria Ferrera; Food not Bombs Pilsen; Alan Mills with Angela McClellan, Adrienne Canady, Jerri Lindsey and Gianna X; Tinotheus Gordon; Stephanie Camba, Nina Metsovaara, Erin Raether, and Tanuja Jagernauth; Kelly Hayes with Ejeris Dixon & Ash Stephens; Danelene Powell-Watts, Candace Coleman, Carrie Kaufman; Veronica Morris Moore; Phylis Humphries; Members of Escolta St. Snatchers Social Club: Raven Guerrero, Nasstasha Camba, Jenn Buckler, Crystle Dino, Stephanie Camba, and Sarah Jane Rhee.