Marshall Weber

Angels Camp: Mark Clemens/Samuel Twain

Marshall Weber

Angels Camp: Mark Clemens/Samuel Twain



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Hand-painting, Rubbing




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20 × 14.75 in


Brooklyn, NY



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University of Minnesota

“Yes, literally, they are true, that is to say they are a product of my impressions…”
Samuel Clemens, sworn deposition, June 7, 1909
Fentress Land Company, et. al. vs. Bruno Gernt

Angels Camp is both a 100-year birth memorial and a poetic conflation of the life of American iconoclast Samuel Langhorne Clemens, best known as writer and ‘commentarian’ Mark Twain. Like many Organik historical projects, the book is an homage to the material histories surrounding us, spanning 14 pages of poems and collages created by the various memorials to his legacy.

In a visual parallel to Twain’s recently published (2011) meandering autobiography, Marshall Weber embarked on a three-year tour of important Mark Twain historical sites including Twain’s birthplace in Florida, Missouri, his boyhood in Hannibal, Missouri, the Sierras in California where his legend grew large, to his end place in New York.

Cayenne, paprika, and turmeric suspensions using polyvinyl acrylic and water, black Japanese ink, wax and graphite rubbings on Japanese Shikoku paper, with walnut Cave Paper endpapers. Hand sewn with silk paper and calf leather detailing.

Locations of outdoor matrix sources for wax rubbings.
Angel’s Camp, CA:
Angel’s Camp Hotel, CA registered historical landmark marker # 734
Jumping Frog of Calaveras County contest winner plaques
Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA:
various signs and architectural features
Columbia, CA:
Mark Twain / Bret Harte Trail, CA. State historical marker #138
Mark Twain Cabin, CA. State historical marker, also numbered #138)
Elmira, New York:
Woodlawn Cemetery, Twain family tombstones
Florida, Missouri:
Twain birthplace, MO State historical marker
Mark Twain State Park, Twain birth-home shrine, MO State historical marker
Mark Twain State Park, biographical MO State historical plaque
Hannibal, Missouri:
Twain boyhood home, MO State historical marker
Reconstruction of whitewashed board fence at the Twain boyhood home
Twain Riverboat Pilot sculpture plaque
Twain boyhood home, Tom Sawyer historical plaque
Hartford, Connecticut:
Mark Twain House National Park Service historical marker
Menlo Park, CA:
Stanford University, Herbert Hoover’s Presidential Seal, Hoover Tower
Tuttletown, CA:
Mark Twain Cabin Site, local historical marker