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Handmade paper, Inkjet


Custom box


8 × 6 × 7.25 in

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Amanuenses: One who copies or writes from the dictation of another, plural 

Amanuensis uses the reflection and reduction of the written word, along with the expressiveness of its materials: gold gilded mirror, paper, and silk on glass – to describe the loss of one’s identity. The pages of the books are fragile, glass, housed in an oak case, like a casket. The words are printed in reverse and can only be read in the mirror, made precious by its material. The text loses letters as it repeats within the first 5 booklets.

Here, the signature is considered the written mark of identity and, like our name, defines who we are.

6 glass booklets with 18-carat gold gilded mirrors (Judith Trezza), archival inkjet text on pulp-painted papers. White oak case. 8” x 6” x 7.25.” Edition of 10.