Brian D. Tripp

Along the Way Home

Brian D. Tripp

Along the Way Home

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Acrylic, Marker pen




20 × 1 × 10 in




Panamnik, CA

$ 8,000.00

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Amherst College

Another enigmatic unique illuminated manuscript from Brian D. Tripp. Six exceptionally vibrant, double-sided paintings, in two sizes, are bound together in a crenelated accordion fold structure that can be unfolded or paged in numerous forms that reflect the contents of the paintings. The various page combinations collage the iconic and graphic images in the book in ways that further the symbolic geometric Karuk language that Tripp provides the ‘landscape’ for Tripp’s own rock spirit/people characters to inhabit.

Art by Brian D. Tripp
Book design by Brian D. Tripp and Marshall Weber
Binding designed and executed by Sophia Kramer of White Iris Books

Brian does not date his artwork but this piece is estimated to have been created from 1990 to 2000. It was bound in 2021.