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Oberlin College

9.25 x 12.25″; 11 leaves. Archival inkjet printing, typewriter corrections, and notary stamps on Dobbin Mill papers. Bound in paper-covered boards with cloth spine. Signed and numbered by the artist. 5.5 x 8.5; 28 pages. Pamphlet sewn. Bound in lightweight Dobbin paper. Signed by the artist on the cover wrapper. Both items are laid in a cloth-covered tray box with an inset at bottom of tray for smaller book. Finger holes on tray and in tray bottom for ease of lifting books out.

Affidavit is an artist book about a ‘day in the life of an artist…’ spanning seven official affidavits that have been notarized in New York City, by different notary officers. Hungarian writer István Örkény’s story of the same name, from his “One Minute Stories,” was the fillip for this small edition.

Affidavit is both a performance and artist book: the exchanges with the notaries while requesting their services often segued into complex discussions: of what is a signature / what is identity / what are signifiers of identity. This engagement, which took place over weeks, is described in the ‘Compendium.’

To get a sense of the performative aspect of Affidavit, the business cards I collected, along with some receipts, and the notarized Hungarian versions are here displayed with the book.

The book lies in a box, designed like office filing storage, with a compartment below for the ‘Compendium to Affidavit.'”
— Robbin Ami Silverberg