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Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

AB/Z Fair Box Set, 2020. Collection of 18 artists’ publications, one handmade, handprinted jhola bag, one Risograph printed poster. 19 x 12 x 2 inches. Edition of 5.

AB/Z Fair, a dynamic “micro” art book fair of pioneering creative publishing from A(rtists’) B(ooks) to Z(ines), was presented by Booklyn and the Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair. AB/Z’s provided an affordable and intimate Manhattan venue to encourage new audiences, collectors, curators and librarians, and provides the general public access to artists and presses that previously have not had book fair venues in Manhattan. The Fair had 20 tables of esoteric bookmakers in a wide variety of media including aquatint, collage, fine letterpress, hand-painted, photo-art, screenprint, and risograph. AB/Z was held at The John Melser Charrette School (PS3) in New York City, Feb. 21-23, 2020.

View a pdf colophon here.

Exhibitors included in box set
Aaron Sinift & The 5 Year Plan
Barbara Beisinghoff
BD Studios
Dan Varenka
Grace Desmarais
Ian Tousius
Jaklin Romine
María Verónica San Martín
Nicole Rodrigues
Passenger Pigeon Press
Purgatory Pie Press
Radix Media
Ruth Lingen
Sandra Harper
ShinYeon Moon
Soumya Dhulekar
Spicy Mango Comics
Viviane Rombaldi Seppey