5 Year Plan

5 Year Plan




Embroidery, Fabric, Silkscreen, Wood block


Custom enclosure


Artist Book


14 × 14 × 4 in


Brooklyn, NY

$ 1,200.00


5 Year Plan, 2010; Editioned Book; Silkscreen, embroidery, woodblock, on handmade cotton fibers; custom box, cloth case, handsewn binding; 14 x 14 inches, 26 pages, edition of 180.

5 Year Plan is an independent artist action to promote awareness of Ghandian principles of service and self-sufficiency by working with Ghandi Ashrams in India; the project is not for profit, and proceeds are donated to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and a future 5 Year Plan project. Twenty-four artists were invited to participate by contributing a page representing their own unique interpretation of the project.

The 5 Year Plan was conceived from a desire to produce an artwork inspired by the Gandhi ashram collectives in India. Jhola bags are a common product of ashram collectives and a common signifier of Gandhian principals of non-violence and self-sufficiency. The bags were a recognizable sign of resistance during the independence movement and are considered a badge of the intellectual and poet in contemporary India. The bags are made of hand-spun, hand-loom cotton, produced by village collectives.

Artists: Orijit Sen, Francesco Clemente, Pushpa Kumari, Julie Doucet, Jane Gilmor, Tim Wehrle, Johnny Coyne, Yoko Ono, Franck Andre Jamme, Chris Martin, Donald Baechler, Mrs. Bina Handa, Sarnath Banerjee, Melissa Lockwood, Aditya Pande, James Green, Monisha Raja, Erin Stack, Robyn Beeche, Meagan Haberman, Tamara Gonzales, Duncan Tonatiuh Smith, Gurpreet Sidhu, Marguerite Byrum, Aaron Sinift, and Alpana Bawa.