Dana F. Smith

32 Big Pictures: Barbie

Dana F. Smith

32 Big Pictures: Barbie



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Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Duke University

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Dana F. Smith has used cut-and-paste techniques to create an intricate series of collages based on the theme of Barbie. Smith ‘colored’ a 1993 oversized Barbie child’s coloring book with images from magazines by painstakingly cutting up magazines and gluing each piece into the black-lined images of Barbie. Each collage has the underlying theme of a yearly season or holiday, and then the imagery used to ‘color’ the collage lends a second sub-theme that is derived from the use of a particular type of photo or magazine.

The unique book, has here been published as a small edition of 6 facsimiles that are designed to replicate the original book as closely as possible. These facsimile includes a vintage cover from the original coloring book on the cover. Bound by Sophia Kramer, N.Y., NY.

Material Sources
1. Mac Barbie – a variety of computer magazines such as PC World, MacWorld, etc.
2. Barbie Q – Food magazines such as Bon Apetit
3. BBQ Ken – Food magazines such as Bon Apetit
4. Barbie Online – Wired Magazine
5. Love, Barbie – macro photography
6. Breeder Barbie – porn magazines combined with Mothering magazine
7. Breeder Ken – porn magazines combined with Mothering magazine
8. Barbie with Buds – High Times magazine
9. Barbie’s Make-over – fashion magazine, especially make-up ads
10. Pearl Barbie – pearls
11. Rose Barbie – roses
12. Barbie with Divers – underwater photography
13. Deep Sea Barbie – underwater photography
14. Barbie’s Boudoir – People magazine
15. Barbie’s Bike – biking and marbleized paper
16. Cosmic Barbie – space photos
17. Cosmic Ken – space photos
18. Play Boy Barbie – Play Boy magazine
19. Play Girl Barbie – Play Girl magazine
20. Boardwalk Barbie – Life magazine
21. Barbie’s Time – Time Magazine
22. Broker Barbie – Money magazine
23. Subarbia – Architectural Digest
24. Barbie’s Desert Storm – war photos of Desert Storm
25. Art Barbie – Art magazines such as ArtForum and Art In America, etc
26. Hair Barbie – Hair
27. Modern Primitive Ken – tattoo magazines
28. Barbie Sees All – eyes
29. Watch Barbie – watches
30. Santa Barbie – weather
31. Barbee – bees
32. Cinderbarbie – homemaking magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping, etc.