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Bulletin #9: Celebrating Candace Hicks

May 3, 2021

May 3, 2021


Spring is in the air and a bounty of Candace Hicks books available. ☀️  

An extremely prolific artist from Nacogdoches, TX, Hicks works in textiles, embroidery, printmaking, and bookmaking. Her book editions collect coincidental data, joining seemingly insignificant details from different media and experiences to create alternate worlds where they exist and function together. The books as art objects become these universes, holding small worlds where connections relate or obfuscate. Her work is a celebration of possibilities and connections, world-building and world-opening.

Just as a landscape or portrait painter’s observations allow them to reproduce a version of reality, my scrutiny of repetition creates a narrative that navigates fictional universes.
-Candace Hicks

Exclusive Client Offers
For those building a collection of Common Threads, we are happy to offer our clients a discount on purchasing multiple titles:

1 x Common Threads – $2200 each
2 x Common Threads – $4000 ($2000 each)
3 x Common Threads – $5400 ($1800 each)
4 x Common Threads – $6000 ($1500 each)

Additionally, CoincidenceNotes for String Theory, and Composition Clutch will be available at a 20% discount throughout May.

Email me with questions or for discounts!

Common Threads
Candace Hicks, 2019 – 2021, unique books, $2200

Each book is a hand-sewn object, tracking coincidental relationships between reading material, visual media, and mundane everyday events. Each volume is unique and imitates the form and design of dimestore composition books. As Hicks writes: “Like the patterns of composition notebook covers, patterns in fictional universes can go unnoticed without the care of sustained scrutiny.”

We currently have 23 volumes of Hicks’ Common Threads ongoing edition. Each book is a testament to the moment it was made, as many issues pull from experiences in real-time with the news, podcasts, social media, art and are grounded with their echoes in literature, both fiction and nonfiction. There is timeliness and timelessness in the work, layered within a framework of feminism which highlights inequities and gently critiques repeating tropes.

V. 132: https://booklyn.org/catalog/common-threads-v-132/
V. 114: https://booklyn.org/catalog/common-threads-v-114/ 
V. 133: https://booklyn.org/catalog/common-threads-v-133/

Candace Hicks, 2014, Edition of 50, $800

In Coincidence, Candace continues her exploration of the alchemy of concurrent events. Within a story, there is a continuous line of red ants, which sometimes obliterates the text. The text only becomes visible by using the included viewing glasses.

Notes for String Theory
Candace Hicks, 2021, $350

This hand sewn piece is part of the series, Notes for String Theory, which embodies the metaphysical potentialities of a blank page. Each piece is backed with wooden armature and ready to hang.

Composition Clutch
2019, $200 each

Hicks’ iconic composition notebook design becomes a beautiful and functional zippered clutch purse. Available in three sequined colors: metallic blue, silver, and black. https://booklyn.org/catalog/candace-hicks-composition-clutch/