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Booklyn Bulletin #3

June 17, 2020

On a scale from one to ten, at which level, would you say, is your pain today?
–Brian D. Tripp

In this moment of heightened resistance to incarceration and extrajudicial killings of Black and brown people, I’ve been thinking a lot about Brian D. Tripp.I started as Associate Curator for Booklyn last fall and it took me a while to fully understand the depth and importance of Tripp’s work. Being a European butch lesbian artist of color I’m used to the intentional limitations of identity categories and binary-thinking. And then here’s Brian, 75 years old, member of the Karuk, a Native American nation and people in Northern California, whose work challenges me to view the world through another way again. Extrajudicial killings of Native Americans happen far too often, and their incarceration rates are more than a third higher than the national average. Disappearances and abuse are common, so is the reluctance of police to investigate.Tripp’s work reminds me that nothing is “fixed” and that “whiteness” is a concept we are all addicted to. In Sing It. Dance It., he lays out the daily pain of a life sentence of police profiling, but never for any crime. There’s actual incarceration, and then there is what Tripp’s work reveals: what it’s like to be incarcerated within a nation. Drop me a line for inquiries, questions, or Zoom book viewings.

Sincerely yours,

Beldan Sezen
[email protected]

Exclusive Client Offers

Sing it. Dance it., 2019
Brian D. Tripp
Unique artists’ book
collage, digital print, hand painting, ink, inkjet

There Never Was a Time When One More Never Mattered, 2018
Brian D. Tripp
Unique artists’ book
hand painting, ink, inkjet

there is no such thing as the 21st century
Brian D. Tripp
A Booklyn Monograph, 2018

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Related Titles

Reentry Portfolio, 2018
The People’s Paper Co-op, edition of 20,

Criminal records from legal clinics and public workshops were torn, pulped, and transformed into new sheets of handmade paper that acted as blank slates. Booklyn has been granted exclusive rights to distribute the Reentry Portfolio, whose proceeds will fundraise $40,000 in scholarships for the next 20 Reentry Think Tank Fellowship program.

Mariame Kaba Zine Box Set, 2020
Mariame Kaba, edition of 5

An educational primer on current thoughts, history and resources surrounding prison reform, racial injustice and transformational justice. The zines and ephemera span prison and racial injustice topics such as the Attica Prison uprising of 1971, the Assata Shakur case, history of incarcerated Black women from the 19th and 20th centuries, the importance of protest, walking tours of NYC as they relate to slavery and radical Black women, histories of Black women in Chicago, accountability and transformational justice. https://booklyn.org/archive/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/2284

Imagine, 2020
CUBA, Unique Artists’ Book
$1,800A daily to weekly diary of current events and letter styles Cuba’s hand-painted exuberant illuminated manuscripts are unique in both the world of artists’ books and the close-knit underground of the graffiti world. 

With a smooth binding by Sophia Kramer this is another rare gem by Es Ef Bay Area graffiti Godfather Cuba (AKA Clarence Robbs).

The I of the Storm, 2019
Marshall Weber, edition of 12
$3,400Weber uses an alternative folded accordion fold structure with multiple fold-down pages to form both an evocative and intimate page-turning experience or an exuberant, immersive gallery photo/sculpture installation which serves as a provocative vehicle to uphold the 1st Amendment.


Home of the Brave, 2019
Beldan Sezen, edition of 15

What if America would enter rehab? Could it be beneficial for a nation that has to deal with a seemingly unbridgeable gap amongst its people? To talk openly about complicities and heartbreak for a false dream is a true challenge in the realm of those tiring and hurtful binaries. It takes bravery to face and admit one’s addiction and helplessness. Home of the Brave asks us the people for just that.https://booklyn.org/archive/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/2253