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Booklyn Bulletin #2

June 2, 2020


My name is Jan Descartes, and I’ve been with Booklyn for 1½ years. My curatorial specialties are comics, zines, and social justice titles. I am a comic artist, writer and co-curator of Our Comics, Ourselves, a traveling comics exhibition focused on identity and representation.

For this Booklyn Bulletin, I am presenting Booklyn’s zine collections. 

Some are “traditional” DIY-style photocopy zines, others are artist zines and artist books, made with exploratory techniques and formats. All amplify the subjectivities and personal/political voices we look to within the zine format. I think you’ll find this work deeply valuable as primary source learning tools, and as documentation of subjective histories. 

I thank you for your time. Please connect with me directly with your questions and comments.

[email protected]

Exclusive Client Offers
We are offering the items below to our current clients with a 10% discount. Please contact [email protected] for more details, additional images, or to schedule a virtual review.

Radical Science Culture and Zine Archive
365 items, 1965-2019

The Radical Science Culture and Zine Archive is the personal zine archive of the artist, Booklyn Board President, and Plant Chemistry scientist Kurt Allerslev. Within the 365 publications, there is a diverse range of topics including artist zines, radical politics, alternative plant chemistry, ecology, housing rights, prison activism, feminism, and sexuality. 


ABZ Fair Boxset
Edition of five, 18 items

Booklyn presented AB/Z Fair (Artists’ Books to Zines) February 21-23, 2020 in NYC. The fair was our typical Booklyn mix of dynamic emerging and established artists; zinesters and art book publishers. The boxset includes zines, artists’ books, and ephemera by Booklyn artists Maria Veronica San Martin, Ruth Lingen, Aaron Sinift; West Coast artist Jaklin Romine; Brooklyn-based Purgatory Pie Press, Gender Fail, Radix Media, NYC-based Spicy Mango Comics, and others.


New Titles & Inventory

Edition of five, 25 items

Taking Care of Us is a box set collection of mutual aid works created by activists, artists, martial artists, archivists and zinemakers. Gender-based violence, digital harm, access to health care, personal protection, environmental dangers, mutual aid, and education rights are among the themes addressed in this boxset. All work included is by individuals and organizations currently making community and individual care tools accessible.


Mariame Kaba Zine Box Set
Edition of five, 36 items
$680The Mariame Kaba Box Set is an educational primer on prison abolition, black history, and transformative justice. It contains zines and other ephemera created by Mariame Kaba and her collaborators.

Kaba is an activist, organizer, educator, and founder of Project NIA, and current Researcher in Residence on Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Criminalization at the Barnard Center for Research on Women. She has been featured in The NationThe Guardian, The Washington Post, Teen Vogue, The New Inquiry, and recently on Democracy Now! speaking about mutual aid during COVID-19.


Last Chance: Going Out of PrintThe Everything Box Set: Every Zine I Ever Made, 2011
Sofia Szamosi
18 items

Every zine Sofia Szamosi has created is included in a hand-painted box. Sofia Szamosi’s zines are a menagerie of political philosophy, feminism, and technology, trying to understand imagery of femmes and the social media machine that it works within and around. This boxset is full of conversation-starters about human relationships with technology, femme imagery, and “the gaze.”


Diamond Leaves, 2012
Xu Bing, ed. 
Booklyn & Guangxi Normal University Press

This will be the last copy of the Diamond Leaves catalog at Booklyn and is likely the last one imported to the USA. Edited by Chinese artist and educator Xu Bing with essays by Marshall Weber and Mark Dimunation (Chief of Special Collections at the Library of Congress), documents the first major museum exhibition of artists’ books and zines ever mounted in China which was held at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing. https://booklyn.org/archive/index.php/Detail/Object/Show/object_id/1848