David Sandlin
Publication Date: 2009
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium: silkscreen
Dimensions: 22.0 in H
Binding Type: accordion
Edition Size: 20
Price: USD 7000.00
Publisher: David Sandlin
David Sandlin (artist)
New York, NY USA

Slumburbia is the final book in David Sandlin's epic eight-part series, A Sinner's Progress, which illustrates the adventures of protagonist Bill Grimm, Sandlin's everyman, as he makes his way through a contemporary suburban world characterized by the seven deadly sins. Sandlin makes use of sumptuous visual imagery, original language, and elaborate plot to convey his quirky vision of a modern puritanical America.

"Slumburbia [is] a fitting end to the series. Representing both the earthbound theme park in development by Carl Bob de Ville and a paradaisical Land of Cockaigne after which the park is styled, Slumburbia denotes a slothful state where the struggles of life do not exist, nor, unfortunately, do life's lessons. Ultimately, it is that tendency toward mental indolence that Sandln attacks as the worst of the cardinal sins. 'Wake up and think for yourself!' is perhaps the strongest message that Sandlin wishes to impart, nudging the modern pilgrim off the Road to Nowhere onto a meaningful 'journey and way to glory.'" - Dennis Harper, Georgia Museum of Art

Accordian binding, silkscreen print. 9 meters in length. 24 pages. Edition of 20. 2009.

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