Scream at the Librarian

Raymond Pettibon, Cristin Sheehan Sullivan
Publication Date: 2007
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium: silkscreen, letterpress
Dimensions: 7.0 in W x 9.75 in H x 0.75 in D
Binding Type: hand sewn, paper case
Edition Size: 50
Price: USD 2400.00
Amy Mees (contributor)
Sara Parkel (contributor)
Mark Wagner (contributor)
Joel Rane (writer)
Brooklyn, NY USA

"After five years at the central library, I seriously doubted the humanity of my peers." - Joel J. Rane

An instant cult classic, Scream at the Librarian sucks you into the flop house grime of downtown Los Angeles at a time when it was abandoned by all but the terminally desperate. The Screamer, Mr. Brain Damage, and The Devil are just a few of the unforgivable characters populating Rane’s real-life accounts from deep within the stacks of a library that had become a refuge for squatters, drug addicts, and the mentally deranged.

Each story is accompanied by stunning new illustrations by native Californian Cristin Sheehan Sullivan and Raymond Pettibon, progenitor of LA's punk rock art scene.

Printed in two-color silkscreen, the deluxe, hardcover edition is an elaborate art object, loaded with novel idiosyncrasies throughout. The front of the “inside out” cover sports a circulation card signed by author and artists, alongside an amalgam of library stickers, stamps, cataloging numbers, and thumb divots.

9.75x7x.75." 94 pages. Edition of 50 signed by author and illustrators.

Designed by Amy Mees and Mark Wagner

Silkscreen printing by Kayrock, Brooklyn, NY.

Letterpress printing and binding by Sara Parkel

Production assistance by Eliana Perez, Cat Glennon, Candice Sering, and Jamie Munkatchy


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