that first hit

Marshall Weber
Publication Date: 2017
Artwork type: Unique book
Medium: collage, photo, inkjet, ink
Dimensions: 16.0 in W x 14.0 in H
Binding Type: cloth case
Edition Size: 1
Price: USD 2800.00
Sara Parkel (bookbinder)
Olympia, WA USA
“that first hit” is an image/text poem collage by Marshall Weber. The piece is the first in an informal series of unique books exploring the relationship between addiction, consumerism, and militarism.
This book’s pages are alternate sizes and are mounted in various manners with one large vertical gatefold that provides alternative viewing formats for the book.
The books features photographs by Marshall Weber taken at a Steve Aoki concert at the Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kansas in April of 2011 and other collaged photographs taken by Weber in Seoul, Korea and New Jersey which are printed on commercial Kodak photo paper. The concert photos were ink jet printed by Dana Smith on Moab paper.

that first hit

the end of the line

give me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the thngs I can
and the wisdom
to know the difference.

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