Kill Them All

Stephen Dupont, Marshall Weber
Publication Date: 2017
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium: photo, ink, rubbing, collage, hand painting
Dimensions: 11.0 in W x 9.0 in H x 0.5 in D
Binding Type: accordion
Edition Size: 12
Price: USD 2800.00
Scarborough, New South Wales Australia
The photographs in this provocative accordion fold book were taken in Afghanistan from 1993 to 2012 by Stephen Dupont. The ink painting, rubbings and book design were done by Marshall Weber.
Weber illuminated Dupont's photographs with ink painting and stenciled red wax letters which form a poem written by Weber. On the other side is a red wax and ink painting by Weber and more of Weber's text. The poetry offers an emotional perspective on the complicity of those who benefit from the ongpoing wars in developing nations prosecuted by the United States of America.
Dupont chose about 300 photos from his massive archive and gave them to Weber who then edited this (and four other books, there will be 12 books in the entire series) and constructed an accordion fold book of the photos.  Weber meticulously brushed Sumi and other inks throughout the pages of the book merging the imagery and  texts creating both an epic frieze and an intimate accordion fold book.
Dupont and Weber have been collaborating on exhibitions, workshops, and artists’ books for over a decade; "Kill Them All" is the fifth book in their “Dark Illuminations” series. 
The orginal unique books of the series are in various collections:
the first book, Prisoners of War”, is in the collection of the Boston Athenaeum,
the second book “The Lion of Panjshir” is in the collection of Bucknell College, 
“Who Served” the third book in the series, is at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota,
the fourth book “Sought Peace” is held by Wesleyan University
and the original "Kill Them All" is at the Library of Congress.
Limited editions of 15 of each book in the series will be available by pre-subscription.
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