The Past Is Cold

Eliana Perez
Publication Date: 2017
Artwork type: Unique book
Medium: ink, hand painting
Dimensions: 13.0 in W x 13.0 in H x 1.0 in D
Binding Type: accordion
Edition Size: 1
Price: USD 5800.00
Eliana Perez (artist)
New York, NY U.S.A.
The placid, icy exterior of The Past Is Cold belies a charred interior, branded with red-hot iron implements, like the hide of livestock. Pages are peppered with the ashy splatter of fireworks, leaving smoldering cavities breaking through the ruminating teardrop script. Directional light sources reveal features differently, depending on the viewer’s perspective: metal leaf rings the edges of the burned holes, alternating color and intensity like hot coals script written in transparent medium reveals itself only when tilted.

Ink, burning, copper leaf and acrylic medium on BFK RIVES paper.
Poem by Marshall Weber

The Past is Cold

the future is burning
a flaming wheel of knives
into the wilderness
of mirrors

open your eyes
and tell me again
how this came to pass

this firestorm
of lies made truth
and truth made lies

your body transfigured
into boundary less smoke
your hot tongued story
burnt into stone

yet incomprehensible

the dust is so lovely
in the sunlight
notes of music
dancing on a page
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