Swords and Angels

Terry Turrentine
Publication Date: 2016
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium: etching, photo
Dimensions: 14.0 in W x 12.0 in H
Binding Type: accordion
Edition Size: 8
Dana F. Smith (designer)
San Francisco, CA
From the Colophon—

Photographs were taken by Terry Turrentine at The Pond at Elephant Head, Green Valley, Arizona. Strobes, a high speed camera trigger system and a Nikon DSLR with an infrared sensor were used for capture.

Copperplate photogravure etchings made by Paul Mullowney, Mullowney Printing.
Printing assisted by Erin McAdams and Keisha Mrotek.
Book design by Dana F. Smith.
Swords and Angels poem by Marshall Weber.
Calligraphy by Meredith Jane Klein.
Silkscreen text by Nathaniel Swope, Bloom Screen Printing Co.
Portfolio box and binding made by John DeMerritt Bookbinding.
The set is limited to an edition of 8 with two handling copies.

Swords and Angels

Verily I say unto you
that I am an angel
risen from darkness
yet striving towards light

I bring my knowledge of evil
to those who would diminish it
and I take courage in this task

In my hand at all times
is a razored bright sword
forged in the realm of light

Do not mistake it as mine
for it is borrowed
and the debt of return
is carried by me for all time

You are are an angel of light
pure, kind and clean

but dread skills are needed
to vanquish pollution

so you carry a sword of solid smoke<
burning coldly and cut edged

Your nature is not that of the sword
though its use bends to your desire
its cutting cares not for your intentions

Its damage is fatal and legion

We meet and surrender
on the battle fields of earth
I drawn to your dark sword,
a familiar weapon, once mine
a reminder of my origins

and you drawn to my eternally clean blade
once yours, hopefully, hopelessly
mistaking the tool for the laborer.

So we struggle together across the spectrum
in a war with no sides,
with no possible winners or losers
seeking only the balance that seeds peace<

—Marshall Weber, 2016
Institutional Collectors
St Olaf College
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