The Eccentricity is Zero

Candida Pagan
Publication Date: 2015
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium: letterpress
Dimensions: 8.75 in W x 12.25 in H
Binding Type: loose pages
Edition Size: 20
Price: USD 2200.00
Publisher: Digraph Press
Candida Pagan (artist)
Iowa City, IA
From the colophon page—

"The Eccentricity of Zero is a collaboration between Candida Pagan and Lauren Haldeman. The collection is inspired by Pagan's readings in the history of cosmotology. In response to prompts from Pagan's research, Haldeman wrote poems. In turn, Pagan created imagery as a response to the poems and to the original prompt.

"The broadsides are letterpress printed from handset 12-pt Centaur and foam relief plates. All text and images were printed on a Vandercook Universal 1 proof press at the University of Iowa Center for the Book, in the spring of 2015. Broadsides are printed on unsized UICB Chancery paper made by Timothy Barett and student co-workers. They are housed in an enclosure made with Saint-Armand handmade paper. This project was funded in part by the Caxton Club."

1. Aristotle
2. Ptolemy
3. Copernicus
4. Tycho Brahe
5. Johan Keppler
6. Galileo
7. Issac Newton
8. Eighth Heaven
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