Sublevarte Colectivo 2012-NY-MX

Sublevarte Colectivo
Publication Date: 2012
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium: collage, digital print, embroidery, inkjet, silkscreen
Dimensions: 24.5 cm W x 15.5 cm H
Binding Type: hand sewn, custom box
Edition Size: 18
Price: USD 420.00
Irina Arellano-Weiss (contributor)
Luis Ramón Campos-Garcia (contributor)
Andree Lilian Guigue Pérez (contributor)
Joel Martinez Huerta (contributor)
Veronica Medina Juárez (contributor)
Gandhi Noyola Velázquez (contributor)
Marco Antonio Rodriguez Gutiérrez (contributor)
Mariana Sasso Rojas (contributor)
Mexico City Mexico
Sublevarte Colectivo's 2012-NY-MX is a 23 page 24 cm x 14.2 cm book of art on assorted paper contained in a corrugated fiberboard box compiled by nine Sublevarte Colectivo artists. The work was catalyzed by a Sublevarte residency and exhibition at the Interference Archive in Brooklyn and in conversations with Booklyn's directing curator Marshall Weber.

Sublevarte Colectivo believes that the graphic arts should be a tool for both communication and social change, and that at this point in global culture the power of the visual information is stronger than text. This vision has powered their work with the Zapatistas in Chiapas, the flower sellers of Atenco, the striking teachers of Oaxaca, and dozens of other social struggles in Mexico.
”Our world is a space to express dreams and reality. We believe in an organization that is active every day and never gives up. Each line, color, and shape frame our destiny and the world we wish to create.”

- "Paliacate", stencil and pen drawing
- "The Beginning", digital print and silkscreen
- "No borders", stencil and dry embossing
- "3D", digital print
- "Ciudad Monstruo (Monster City)", digitized pen on paper drawing, digital manipulation, inkjet print, pen, and marker
- "Sorry no gas", digital print and metrocard intervention
- "Indiference", digital print and embroidery
- "Solidarity", silkscreen and stencil
- "No papers", stencil and dry embossing
- "Revolution", stencil, cutting and intervention
- "Anarkiss", stencil, graphite and marker drawing
- "Feminist", digital print and embroidery
- "#1D", photocopy, stencil and marker
- "Zapatistas", digitalized pen on drawing, digital manipulation, inkjet print on acid free, cold press, watercolor paper
- "01 800", digital print and stamp
- "The end", digital print and silkscreen
- "¡Next time!", silkscreen

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