Marshall Weber, Fred Rinne
Publication Date: 2016
Artwork type: Editioned book
Medium: hand painting
Dimensions: 10.0 in W x 13.0 in H
Binding Type: hand sewn
Edition Size: 5
Price: USD 2400.00
Publisher: Fred Rinne
Fred Rinne (artist)
San Francisco, CA
A collaborative effort between Marshall Weber and Fred Rinne portraying a lush, yet agonizing, romantic journey through the subconscious of North America.

San Francisco urban-folk artist, 'journalist' and gardener Rinne uses found materials, outsider aesthetics and his unique painting, book binding, drawing and writing style to create astounding books that expand and then explode all preconceptions of both the book arts and cultural critique. Fred documents skewed underground worlds, that few of us are either cursed or privileged to encounter, with an equally disturbing perspective.

THORN by Marshall Weber
Take this thorn from my heart
that I might bleed
and forever fall asleep
Unstop that petit barbed dam
it keeps me awake
awash  in sad dreams
Who could imagine a flower
harbored such an assassin
not to kill but to keep in torment

Open that unseen wound
and release those memories
which beat against every part of me
Let it flow away, let it flow away
fade my tide of consciousness
for the thorn's rose wilted long ago
and I shall sink into the garden
to rest in a history of soft blossoms
the thorn will outlive us all.

Acrylic paint on Superfine Cover stock. 10" x 13." 24 pages. Edition of 5. 2011.
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