Ken Campbell

Born in 1939 and still crawling from the wreckage, Ken Campbell is an artist working in print, painting and recently sculpture and computer graphics. The 20 books he has made since 1978 bring together arts and crafts deploying mainly his own poems and imagery. He writes, designs and prints his books by letterpress process, with the occasional deployment of etching, embossing and hand work. His works are represented in many private and public collections in England, America and Germany. His exhibitions include a one man show of books and related works at the New York Public Library in the autumn of 1994, a one man show at the Gutenberg Museumin Mainz, Germany in the spring of 1995, in 1996 a retrospective show at theYale Centre for British Art, and an exhibition at the Herzog-August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, March to May 2001. Here follows a quote from the introduction to Campbell's self-published monograph "The Maker's Hand" "The effect of these books has been described (by Peter Townsend) as 'darkness shot through with light'. Pretty much the way the world is put together —see the King James Bible, Genesis 1."