Scott Williams

Press Name
Scott Williams
San Francisco, CA USA
Godfather of both the San Francisco New Mission School and the Global Stencil Pirate movement, Scott Williams is the leading pioneer in the painterly expansion of stencil and airbrush media. The relentless intensity of William’s artwork compels you to see the way he sees, to think the way he thinks; his drawings draw you into his own parallel universe. Williams’ work is pan-American in its roots and unique to California culture. It’s a hybrid mix of both Catholic and indigenous Mexican paper-cutting technique, with the intelligence and sardonic commentary of Jose Guadalupe Posada, and the spice of modern Chicano aesthetics (Williams has lived in the Mission District of San Francisco for about 20 years). Throw in some beat, punk and psychedelic San Francisco influences and you have an exceptionally original and potent aesthetic vernacular.