Casey Tang

Casey Tang (b.1984, New York, NY) is currently working in Brooklyn, NY.  In 2013 he was awarded the “New Vision” award from He Xiangning Art Museum, China and his works were taken into the museum’s permanent collection.  He has most recently shown at Charpa Gallery in Valencia, Spain and has a long term exhibition at Socrates Sculpture Park.

Artist's Statement

In ecology, an edge effect is the overlap area or transitional zone between two habitats. These areas tend to have greater biodiversity, containing species from both habitats and, often, unique species not found in either. In my practice, I put together acts, experiences, objects and installations that create edges to a similar effect — liminal areas that recontextualize and compare systems, fields of information, histories, and paradigms. Sometimes I’m simply interested to see what will happen. More often than not, I gain new insight into the workings of things. 

Recently, I have become interested in using abstractions of form and narrative as a means of creating disassociation and incorporating non-western worldviews and cultural outputs to critique the dominant western paradigm and offer other ways to organize the world. Cognitive narratology, humor and the contradictions in zen koans inform my work.