Keg de Souza

Keg is a Sydney based interdisciplinary artist and anarchitect whose practice has been shaped in part by her educational background in both architecture and time-based art and her experiences through squatting and other such shenanigans.  One of the key themes of her work is an investigation of spatial politics, both through the built environment and the social space of the neighbourhoods and communities, that we are all part of. Her work emphasises participation and reciprocity and often involves the process of learning new skills to create playful site and situation specific interventions.

She works collaboratively with such groups as SquatSpace Artist Collective, the collaborative duo - You Are Here, NUCA: The Network of Un-Collectable Artists, and The Rizzeria.
Some of the things she creates include making tiny handmade glow-in-the-dark zines to giant inflatables, in between animations, videos, talking books, discussion projects, organising events, walking tours, building boats and brewing beer.
She is currently an Australia Council for the Arts Creative Australia Fellow.