Dana F. Smith

Press Name
Dana Dana Dana Limited Editions
San Francisco, California USA
Dana Smith is a multimedia artist practicing photography and digital printing in the context of fine art prints, painting and artists’ books and publications. She received her MFA in painting at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992, and began to manipulate photographic imagery in a painterly way after encountering the new freedoms granted by Photoshop and other digital tools. In 2004, Smith started a fine art digital press, Dana Dana Dana Limited Editions, with the intention of creating very small editions of artists’ books. Working frequently with other artists, her series of handmade editions are currently held by libraries and museums worldwide, including The Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, the Library of Congress, The Victoria and Albert Museum, and many more. Smith continues to make and exhibit prints that are based in digital photography and inkjet printing with hand-painted and hand-drawn activations. She is involved in ongoing collaborations with book and print artists including: Marshall Weber, Fred Rinne, Charles Gatewood, and Mark McCloud. She has lived in San Francisco’s Mission district since 1982, where she maintains a studio and digital press.